Heat Treatment - 2011
5th International Specialized Exhibition

Time of realization: September, 20 - 22, 2011.

Venue: Pavilion 5, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.

The organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo".

Official post-release finalizing the exhibition:

The official press-release of the 5th International Specialized Exhibition "Heat Treatment- 2011".

The 5th International Specialized Exhibition "Heat TreatmenT-2011" was successfully held in Moscow on September, 20th - 22nd at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, Krasnaya Presnya. It was traditionally organized by Mir-Expo Exhibition Company.

The growth of industrial production in Russia in 2010 - 2011 activated the majority of industry markets, including the heat treatment market. The evidence of positive tendency is the increase of the participants' number and of the ground area of the exhibition compared to the last year one.

The exposition area was 500 metres.

This year 51 exhibitors have participated in the Exhibition; including 14 foreign companies from 7 countries (Germany, France, Poland, Austria, Taiwan, Slovenia, Ukraine). Among the participants of the exhibition were such well-known companies of a global level as SCHMETZ, B.M.I. Fours Industries, SECO/WARWICK, AFE Cronite Technologies Ltd, Mesa Electronic, GALIKA AG, Nakal, AVTOVAZ, ALD Vacuum Technologies,  Linn High Therm.

The producers of fireproof materials "Podolskogneupor" and "Oriental Institute of fireproof materials "Vostio" took part in the exhibition for the first time.

The specialized exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2011" presented the newest technologies and equipment for heat treatment to the specialists of industrial enterprises and also indicated the directions of market development for the nearest future.

The visitors were presented the following equipment and services:

- equipment on designing and manufacturing of fireproof materials: trays, bins, arrays, muffles, bottom sheathings, retorts, furnace rollers, tube plates, etc.;

- high-performance and economical furnace systems for quenching, sintering, cementation, carbonitration, nitriding, annealing, tempering, optical fibre drawing furnaces, quench baths, induction equipment with capacity from 0,25 Hz to 440 kHz;

- casting machines, industrial microwave ovens, systems for growing crystals, laboratory equipment, muffle furnaces;

- installation of vacuum arc deposition ultra-high coatings on various types tools ("Bulat" Type equipment);

- complexes for measurement at high strain rates,  EBSD and EDX analyses, gaz analysers, hardness testers;

- vacuum technologies for heat treatment application;

- mobile complexes (mobile thermoposts);

- software equipment for local and volume heat treatment;

- endogenerators, ekzogenerators, ammonia crackers;

- industrial washing machines and lines (for removal of oil after quenching, as well as emulsions, chips after mechanical processing and etc.);

- technical solutions on providing the furnaces with up-to-date gas and liquid-fuel burners, systems of gas supply and automation. Impulse systems of burners' control, furnace control boxes;

- machinery for heated metal transportation, inside-furnace ventilators, recuperators, muffles and other goods of fireproof materials;

- production of casts of low-carbon steels with high degree of nickel and articles assembled of them;

- manufacturing of goods of graphite and carbon - carbon composite materials for thermal equipment, protective shields, heat insulation carbon material;

- electric heating elements for the resistance furnaces and articles of silicone carbide;

- high temperature insulation: silicate insulation materials, ceramic fiber, light fireproof blocks, fiberglass, microporous and nanoporous insulation materials;

- production of wire, resistance material, heating elements and heating systems.

In the framework of the Fifth International Practical-Research Conference "The Innovation Technologies of Heat Treatment", the representatives of Russian and foreign companies presented their reports on the following subjects:

- energy-saving in vacuum furnaces;
- digital modeling of heat treatment;
- polymeric quenching liquids in blacksmith-press production;
- water-based quenching liquids for heat treatment of cogged wheels;
- heat treatment with low buckling of transmission details.

The audience was more than 70 listeners.

More than 1500 specialists visited the exhibition - representatives of the enterprises of aviation-space, defense, metalworking, science-manufacturing companies, machine-building and repair plants.

The efficiency of the exhibition can be proved by the fact that most of the exhibitors have already booked their booths for 2012.

The 6th international specialized exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2012" will take place on Sepember, 25 - 27 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, pavilion 5.

Heat Treatment - 2011 Exhibitors List:

Business program:

The 5th International Research and Practice Conference “Innovative Technologies of Heat Treatment” will be run at the Expocentre Fairgrounds Congress-centre on September, 21st in the framework of the exhibition.

Program of the conference:

Energy saving in vacuum furnaces
Andreas Dappa, Project engineer, SCHMETZ GmbH Vacuum Furnaces, Germany

Vacuum oil quenching
Philippe Lebigot  Export Manager BMI Fours Industriels, France

Numerial Simulation of Heat Treatment
Ing. Josef Hodek Ph.D., Ing Filip Tikal, Ph.D., COMTES FHT inc., Czech Republic

Polymer Quenchants in the Forging Industry
Frank Trautmann, Branch of LLC Houghton Deutschland, Germany

Liquid Quenchants for the Heat Treatment of Gears
Frank Salawa, Branch of LLC Houghton Deutschland, Germany

Low distortion heat treatment of transmission components
Joachim Boss, Natalie Roemer, Dr. Volker Heuer, ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH, Germany

Development or Theory and Practice of Thermo-Chemical Treatment of Metals: the Researches of the Department of Metal Science and Heat Treatment of MADI University
L.G. Petrova., Head of the Department of Metal Science and Heat Treatment of MADI-Univetsirty, Dr. of Science, Professor MADI University, Russia

Exhibitors responses:

Volgaterm, JSC, Mazur S.V.. Chief Manager

“Volgaterm, JSC” took part in the exhibition “Heat Treatment – 2011” which was carried out on September, 20 – 22 by Mir-Expo. Our company works successfully in the sphere of delivery, designing and mounting of gas equipment of Elster company.

In the opinion of our specialists the exhibition turned out to be a successful one. We had an opportunity to communicate with our partners, with whom we’ve been working for many years. We also managed to find potential partners, with whom we are now negotiating actively on the subject of cooperation. The exhibitions of such kind are a rare thing that is why they are of great value.

The exhibition “Heat Treatment” favors to settling business contacts, gives the representatives of different companies a chance to discuss actively their activity and prospects of development.

As a drawback of the exhibition can be singled out a modest number of participants, as the heat treatment industry has much more companies who could also become exhibitors.

Our company looks positively at participation in such exhibitions and hopes that the exhibitors number will grow. “Volgaterm, JSC” is grateful to the management of “Mir-Expo” and also to Sokolova Ekaterina for an excellent organization and assistance during the exhibition.

"Millab" company, Acting as a Chief of the Marketing department Vishnyakova A.U., [presenting equipment of the company Nabertherm (Germany)]

"Millab" company took part in the exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2011" for the first time. We were happy with everything: good work of the exhibition management, good promotion, many visitors among which the specialists who came to examine the equipment they are interested in.

Taiwan Metiz Alliance, Yashin Vladimir, Deputy of Chief Manager

The exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2011" of Mir-Expo company left a pleasant impression because of its good organization, its circle of visitors.

The narrowness of subject area conditioned a big number of potential serious clients, that indicates a high efficiency of the exhibition.

We are very grateful to the exhibition management for a high level of organization, quickness of assistance in solving different issues and hospitality.

"Finvall-Industry" company, Kirilin Alexander, Chief of Sales Department

We would like to thank the exhibition management for the successful event!
During the exhibition the representatives of 85 enterprises visited our booth, we negotiated with big defensive-industrial enterprises of the RF.
The specialists not only from Moscow and Moscow region but also from Tula, Ryazan, Chelyabinsk, Yaroslavl, Smolensk and other regions visited the exhibition.

The majority of visitrs were specialists of heat treatment sphere who work at the enterprises of nuclear, medical, instrument-making and other spheres.

We are also very grateful for the organized participation of foreign representatives in the exhibition that gave an opportunity to the visitors to discuss the most difficult issues from individual developments for exact tasks to unique projects directly with the equipment producer.

It is not possible to define the efficiency of participation in the exhibition right after it, because it can only be seen after some time passes, though for the moment we already can say that we have found more than 10 customers and have started working over many new projects.

MSH Techno, JSC, Ivan Avdeev, Sales Engineer

"MSH Techno, JSC" company was a participant of the exhibition "Heat Treatment-2011". This exhibition took place on September, 21 - 23.

During the exhibition more than 50 representatives of different enterprises visited our booth. We also got 15 written inquiries and 20 people promised to email and to fax an inquiry.

For an exhibition with such specialization the number of inquiries and the number of visitors is excellent.

AFE Cronite

We would like to thank the organizers for the successful event!

During the exhibition the representatives of 37 enterprises visited our booth, and we also have negotiated with the largest autoaggregate and instrumental plants and with the producers of thermal furnaces.

The representatives of the enterprises not only from Moscow and Moscow Region, but also from Sverdlovsk Region, Saratov Region, Republic of Bashkortastan and Tatarstan visited the exhibition.

Most of  the visitors were heat treatment specialists, chief engineers who work in machine-building, instrumental and other spheres.

Already now we can say that we found for ourselves more than 12 new customers and have started working over many new projects.

Exhibition photos:

Heat Treatment - 2011 photos

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15th International Specialized Exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2022", September 13 - 15, 2022, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

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