Heat Treatment - 2015
9th International Specialized Exhibition

Time of realization: September, 15 - 17, 2015

Venue: Hall 1, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

The organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"

Final video on Heat Treatment - 2015 Exhibition:

Despite the negative forecasts the year 2015 was very successful for the exhibition "Heat treatment":

- March 2015. The exhibition organizer Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo" has become a member of the the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs. RUEF is a an association of the leading exhibition organizers, venues and trade show related companies. The association assists national producers in promoting their products and services to both internal and foreign markets, coordinates trade show activity in Russia. Participation in RUEF demonstrates a high quality of organization of our events and recognition among industry professionals.

- July 2015. Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo" has become a full member of Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). UFI was founded in 1925 and is the world leading association in the branch of professional exhibition industry. The organization is bringing together international and national associations, exhibition organizers and exhibition ground owners. It also endows the quality label to the events, organized by its members. This way the exhibition "Heat treatment" he received the sign of UFI, confirming its high status in the international arena.

- May 2015. Russian "Society of metal science and heat treatment" was registered at State Legal Service; also the RSMS&HT got the State Registration Certificate. The Society has been developing technologies for heat treatment of parts, tools, fitting-out and dies. It also consults on metal and equipment choice for heat treatment. It fulfills orders for heat-treatment workshops and production departments. The Society conducts an audit of heat-treatment departments at the enterprises of engineering industry, machine tool building, bearing industry and tools of plans in action to assist in determining directions of their development. Russian Society of Metal Science and Heat Treatment is an official member of International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE).

Director of the exhibition "Heat treatment" is the Main scientific Secretary of Russian "Society of metal science and heat treatment". The society actively supports the exhibition and taking place in the framework of the conference "Innovative methods of heat treatment" and introduces the audience reports on scientific achievements and current developments of its partners.

- Despite the difficult situation in the economy, the participants of the exhibition "Heat treatment-2015" noticed the high interest in their products by visitors and a significant increase in business contacts during the exhibition (compared with 2014). The total exhibition area in 2015 amounted to 3022 sq. m. – it is the largest area for all time of existence of the exhibition. Also it was  the maximum number of visitors-specialists – 2096 persons (97% of them are specialists). 90% of exhibitors are planning to participate in the 10th Anniversary exhibition "Heat treatment-2016".

Official post-release:

On September 15-17, 2015 at Expocentre Fairgrounds the 9th international specialized exhibition «Heat treatment-2015» was held. At the exhibition it was presented different kinds of materials and equipment for thermal processing of metals of 105 companies from 15 countries: Austria, UK, Germany, India, Italy, Litva, Poland, Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Korea, Russia, Slovenia, USA. France, Switzerland, Sweden. The exhibition was held with the support of the International Federation of heat treatment and Surface Modification» (IFHTSE) and Russian "Society of metal science and heat treatment" (RSMS&HT).

The total exhibition area in 2015 was 3022 sq.m.

Pages in the list below marked with signvideo interview inside  contains exhibitors video-interview.

Heat Treatment - 2015 Exhibitors List:

The visitors of the exhibition could get acquainted with the developments of the regular members:
- Heating electric furnaces (chamber, shaft, insulated, with roll-out hearth, etc.)
- Thermal and chemical-thermal equipment for carbonitrile, carburizing, boriding, hardening, brazing, sintering, MIM, tempering, annealing, magnetic annealing, ageing, relieve internal stresses, etc.;
- Physico-thermal equipment;
- Induction equipmen. Frequency converters and transformers for induction heating;
- Vacuum equipment and components of vacuum systems: vacuum furnaces, ovens and sputtering systems; vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, vacuum valves and valve, gas flow regulators;
- Laboratory muffle furnaces and drying cabinets; Laboratory equipment: spectrometers, devices for contactless temperature measurement, analyzers for determining gas-forming impurities in solid materials;
- Installation of coating, including plasma spraying of protective coatings;
- Equipment for electron beam welding and arc welding in argon;
- Laser-manufacturing equipment;
- Systems low temperature (cryogenic treatment)
- Industrial washing machines and lines;
- Nitrogen plants, oxygen plant, hydrogen plant, compressor equipment, refrigeration units; - Robotic systems for welding, cutting, bending, milling, handling, application of various coatings; - Cooling systems: cooling towers and chillers;

- Equipment for research of properties of materials, nondestructive testing: hardness testing equipment, equipment for specimen preparation, equipment for mechanical testing, spectrometers, pyrometers;
- Technology for the measurement of temperature, humidity and vacuum: thermocouples, measuring transducers, resistance transducers, safety valves, liner, digital display instruments, measuring stations, simulators, calibrators, parts and components;
- Gas and oil burners, gas supply systems and automation. Pulse burner management system. Control cabinets furnaces;
- Flexible metal hoses of high pressure;

- Centrifugal castings in corrosion, heat-resistant and special steels and alloys;
- The mechanisms for transportation of heated metal, recuperators, muffles, articles of heat-resistant materials;
- Steel castings, heat resistant. Furnace equipment and technological equipment for heat treatment: heat exchangers, trays, grids, baskets, supports, fittings, impellers, radiant tubes, retort, casters, etc. for all types of furnaces.

- Refractories, Insulation and lining of thermal units;
- Laminated fabrics and space-reinforcing woven fabric. Multi-layered woven materials of silica, quartz, alkali free glasssynthetic and carbon fibers and combinations thereof.;
- Special coatings and adhesives for high-temperature industrial processes;
- Lubricants and technical liquids. Technology cleaning and temperature control of industrial fluids. Cooling system;
- Articles of graphite, carbon felt and carbon-carbon composites for high temperature equipment; - Modification of products and their seal carbon pitch-based and phenolic resins, slip protective coating, laminating surfaces
- Design and manufacture of thermal units (heaters, current leads, power structures);
- Modernization of high-temperature furnaces by the use of modern carbon materials: the increase in working space of furnaces. The alignment of the thermal field;
- Commissioning, professional installation, service, repair and overhaul of furnaces and heating equipment.

In 2015 9th International Conference «Innovative technologies in heat treatment» for the 2nd time took place over two days and attracted a wide audience of specialists, that speaks about it’s high demand both among the participating companies, and among visitors. Listeners were presented the following reports:

Program (September 15 - the 1st day of the Exhibition):

• Efficiency of application PVD coatings in machine building, Oerlikon Metko Rus, Ravil Gabitov, Business Development Manager Thin Film in Russia

• Atmospheric furnaces for heat-treatment and chemical heat-treatment S-Instruments, Levochkin Maxim, Project Manager

• Economically effective vacuum furnaces, for heat-treatment and chemical heat-treatment S-Instruments, Levochkin Maxim, Project Manager

• Advanced hot zone and cooling-gas stream design in vacuum furnaces, Schmetz GmbH, Dappa Andreas

• Possibilities of heat-treatment simulation, PLM Ural, Ryzhkov Maksim, Technical support engineer

• Local hard chromium coating of large-sized cast iron deep drawing dies, JSC "Povolzhsky Center electroplating", Worms Andrey Aleksandrovich, CEO

Board meeting of Russian Society of Metal Science and Heat Treatment, Chairman of the board Professor, Tikhonov A.K., AvtoVAZ

Program (September 16 - the 2nd day of the Exhibition):

• Automated complex polymerization of composite materials for aeronautical industry, "MSH Techno" Moscow, Mikhail Mikhailovich Melekhin, key account manager

• Seco/Warwick

• Equipment and solutions of "Magnit M" company in the field of induction heating, MAGNIT M, Grinkiv Petr

• Cryogenic processing - invasiona technology to increase the service life of metallurgical tool. The effect of cryogenic treatment on the structure of gray cast iron. The results of the practical application of cryogenic treatment, CryoTechresource, Kokorin Nikolay, Head of scientific research Department

• Nakal Prom

• Nakal Automation Systems

• Modern equipment for heat treatment under oxidizing or protective gas atmosphere and vacuum, Finval, Timoshenko Vitaly, Head of Heat-Treatment Machinery Department

• Innovative gas solution to upgrade Engineering Industry and to improve its competitiveness, Air Liquid,. Rogozhina Tatyana, Business Development Heat Treatment

• Modern low pressure carburizing processes and applications thereof, ALD Vacuum technologies, Alexander Sukhanov, Deputy Chief Representative Moscow Office

• Technological Innovations in Surface Engineering by the Thermochemical Methods, Termohin, Tsikh Sergey. CEO

• Enterprise efficiency improvement through the use of alternative gas solutions for sintering, brazing and bright annealing processes, Air Liquid, Rogozhina Tatyana, Business Development Heat Treatmentir

• Complex thermo-mechanical processing of cold rolled steel with an adaptive cantrol system, IntelCraftEquipment, Larin Andrew, CEO

• Steel parts of powder metallurgy: heat treatment and coating deposition, RÜBIG GmbH & Co KG, Austria, Kaskad (Russia), Nikolai Gladkikh, Leading expert

• Vacuum heat and thermochemical (low pressure nitriding & carburizing) treatment services with BMI Fours Industriels, BMI (France), TERMOMET (Novosibirsk, Russia), Aleksandr Semisynov, Head of TermoMet

Official audit list of the Heat Treatment - 2015 ExhibitionIn 2015, the exhibition "Heat treatment" received an official certificate of the international exhibition audit conducted by "the Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs". Based on the audit results for the entire period of the exhibition it was visited by 2690 experts.

They are managers and specialists of leading industrial enterprises of the metallurgical, aviation and space, machine building, defense industries, and other industrial enterprises, research and educational institutions in particular, among them representatives of such organizations as:

JSC "United engine Corporation", JSC "VILS", JSC NPO Energomash, OAO AK Rubin, OAO Kolomensky Zavod, PJSC "Tupolev", JSC "Institute "Signal ", JSC "NPTS in gas turbine construction "Salut", JSC "Kamov", JSC "KEMZ", JSC "Rostvertol", JSC "Corporation VSMPO-AVISMA", JSC "Pervouralsky Novotrubny works", JSC "NPP "Istok". Shokin", JSC "TYAZHMASH", JSC "RPE "Almaz", JSC "Omsktransmash", JSC "CRI "Burevestnik", JSC "Salyut", JSC "Naro-Fominsk machinery plant", JSC "BELAZ", JSC "NPP "Temp". Korotkov", JSC "Kirov plant of driving chains", JSC "VAZ", FSUE FSPC "Start", JSC Plant "Silmash", JSC "Chelyabinsk tube rolling plant", JSC "Concern "Constellation" and many others.nt, Plant Selmash, Vniiavtogenmash, Aeroprise-Sunrise, Metrovagonmash, PHOSPHOR, Transmashholding, NIKIET, Energomash named. AK. VP Glushko, Machine-building plant ZiO-Podolsk, Aerosila Torch, Concern Kalashnikov, Rosoboronexport, NPO Saturn, Plant of high-quality alloys, 35th Mechanical plant, Moskovsky Searchlight Plant, Krasnogorsky plant. S.A. Zverev etc.

Exhibitor`s videointerview:


* More videos: in the Video gallery or on Heat Treatment Exhibition Youtube-channel

Exhibitors responses:

CryoTechResourse (Russia, Izhevsk), Kondratenkov M, SEO

Our company presents at the exhibition the equipment for cryogenic treatment. On our booth we presented a low-temperature chamber cryogenic (cryogenic processor). For the period of the exhibition our stand was visited by representatives of over 40 leading russian companies. We have received requests for the test cryogenic treatments to study the effect of cryogenic exposure on wear resistance, structure, hardness, etc. We participate in the "Heat treatment" for the second time: I decided to come back after a year break and, as now understood, it was the right decision 10 of 10!

ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH )Germany), Alexander Sukhanov, Deputy Head of Moscow office

Every year the quality and number of visitors is growing. Reached a number of agreements on placing of commercial proposals. We will surely participate in the exhibition and conference next year!

Instrumentation Engineering Group of companies, (Russia, Bryansk), Batov A., Senior Manager

The group of companies of machine engineering and instrument engineering" participated in the exhibition "Heat treatment" for the first time. At our booth was presented hydrogen furnace (APVD.HH) and flexible metal hoses high pressure. During the exhibition we received 23 technical specification for fabrication of thermal equipment (vacuum, and a conveyor hydrogen furnace). By our opinion, the exhibition was successful: we had many opportunities for future contracts. The organization of the exhibition is at the highest level!

Mius (Russia, Tula), Pavlov A. V.. Chief Technologist

Our company provides laboratory muffle furnaces, drying ovens, systems for thermal and chemical-thermal treatment of steels in a gas medium and a fluid ("boiling") layer of crushed solid substance. According to the results of the exhibition we obtained a preliminary agreement on the equipment supply to 10 companies. During the exhibition our stand was visited by approximately 35 professionals and 20 technicians engineering enterprises. The organization of the exhibition is at a consistently high level. We will participate next year!

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Heat Treatment - 2015 Exhibition photos

Heat Treatment - 2015 Exhibition videos

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The 10th international specialized exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2016" will take place on Sepember 13 - 15 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, pavilion 7, halls 1 and 2.

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17th International Specialized Exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2024", September 17 - 19, 2024, Hall 1, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

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