Heat Treatment - 2016
10th International Specialized Exhibition

The Exhibition was held: September, 13 - 15, 2016

Venue: Halls 1, 2, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

The organizer: Exhibition Company "Mir-Expo"


In 2016 the exhibition was held under the slogan: "Not surrendering position". Leading manufacturers are returning to the Russian market.

97 exhibitors (14 of which participate for the 1st time in the exhibition).

12 countries: Russia, Belarus, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Israel, China. The exhibition was sold equipment at stands of participants.

The total exhibition area in 2016 amounted to 3015 sq. m.

2 days of business program, 17 reports from the leading industry specialists in the framework of 10-th Conference "Innovative technologies in heat treatment" visitors

2780 unique specialists visited the exhibition in 2016. Among them:

37% - the first persons of the companies (General, technical, commercial Director)

54% of leading specialists of companies, engaged in search and selection of equipment: the heads of departments, chief technologists and engineers, project managers, metallurgists, specialists in procurement.

9% industry professionals

100% of participants confirmed a meeting scheduled with visitors and received contacts of new partners

95% of exhibitors concluded agreements on further cooperation, have reached agreement on future deliveries, received the requirements specification for the development of equipment, testing of prototypes and testing materials.

83% of participants confirmed their intention to participate in the exhibition in 2017.

Reviews of new exhibitors:

JSC "LOIP" (Russia, Saint-Petersburg), A. E. Afanasiev, Head of instrument production.

JSC "Laboratory equipment and instruments" participated in the exhibition "Heat treatment" for the first time. At the exhibition we exhibited ovens, muffle furnace, tube furnace and coal mine. Visitors of the booth were interested in all the specimens, without exception, as well as laboratory equipment. During the exhibition some items of equipment were sold from the stand, arrangements for future deliveries. For our company heat treatment is a new business segment, and from this interest. We are very pleased with the participation!

"New technology of laser strengthening" (Vladimir, Russia), A. Petrov, Deputy General Director
At the exhibition our company presented automated systems for laser thermal strengthening ALTCU-3, ALTCU-5 and intelligent robotic system "Svarog". For the entire period of work at the event, our booth was visited by more than 200 experts. Some preliminary agreements on further cooperation were signed.

KERATECH s.r.o. (Czech Republic, Prague), Kurtynin Andrey Alexandrovich, the Director of the Department of thermal Technology

Our company participated in the exhibition for the 1st time. At the stand materials on industrial furnaces and refractories were presented. I believe that the event was successful, it was held many interesting conversations. Our stand was visited by about 50 experts, explored specific terms of reference and prepared a preliminary agreement.

"Doncarb Graphite" (Russia, Chelyabinsk), Akinshin E,O., Head of marketing and development

Our company exhibited shaped articles of artificial graphite and composite materials. Visitors were actively interested in the heaters, rings, bushings, insulation, powder materials and composites. We got new contacts and requests for products. As well as requests for testing of material.

SGL Carbon GmbH (Germany, Bonn), V. D. Soklakov, Representative in Russia.
Preparation and composition of exhibitors and visitors are excellent, we expected less! From visitors fo the stand we received preliminary requests. Agreements were reached on the preparation and testing of prototypes. Demonstration model of a heating unit for vacuum-heat-treatment furnaces and material samples for the heaters were presented at our stand.

Varus, OOO (Moscow, Russia), Novikov A. G.. CEO.

Our company presented heating elements, heater, block heater, ceramic, infrared, clamp, silicone. Interest of visitors caused high temperature heaters and heating elements up to 600 C. The organization of the exhibition is excellent, pre-performance – satisfactory: We received many contacts of new firms, and technical specifications for development.\

Advertising campaign in leading industry publications: over 50 publications and portals in Russia and abroad (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Austria, Spain, China) covered the preparation of the exhibition and her work. Distribution of information: all the subjects of the Russian Federation, CIS countries, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia.

Heat Treatment - 2016 Exhibitors List:

Pages in the list below marked with signvideo interview inside  contains exhibitors video-interview.

The visitors of the exhibition could get acquainted with the developments of the regular and new members:
- Heating electric furnaces (chamber, shaft, bushing, bogie, etc.)
- Thermal and chemical-thermal equipment, designed to carbonitrile, carburizing, boriding, chromodorididae, hardening, brazing, sintering, MIM, tempering, annealing, magnetic annealing, ageing, relieve internal stresses;
- The sinter plant and the installation for growing crystals, etc.;
Physical and thermal equipment; Electromechanical processing (EMO)
Induction equipment: installation and furnace. Frequency converters and transformers for installations of induction heating; Induction heaters; Thyristor frequency converters and high-frequency generators
- Vacuum equipment and components of vacuum systems: vacuum furnaces, ovens and sputtering systems; vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, vacuum valves and valve controls gas flow;
- Laboratory muffle furnaces and drying cabinets; Laboratory equipment: spectrometers, devices for the contactless measurement of temperature, analyzers for determining gas-forming impurities in solid materials;
- Installation of coating, including plasma application of protective coatings;
- Laser equipment;
- Industrial washing machines and lines;
- Installation of ultrasonic RAS and LTI for ultrasonic cleaning, degreasing, degassing, intensification of chemical processes, etc.

- Nitrogen generators, oxygen plant, hydrogen plant, compressor equipment, chillers;
- Equipment for research of properties of materials, nondestructive testing: termometri, thickness gauges, acoustic (impedance method) nondestructive testing, magnetometry, structuroscopy. Equipment for sample preparation, equipment for mechanical testing, spectrometers, thermometers;
- Technology for measuring temperature, humidity and vacuum: thermocouples, measuring transducers, resistance sensors, safety valves, casings, digital display instruments, measuring stations, simulators, calibrators, spare parts and components;
- Means of temperature measurement for very aggressive high temperature environments;
- Gas and oil burners, gas supply systems and automation. Pulse burner management system. Control cabinets furnaces. Heating elements.

- Metal hose flexible high pressure;
- Corrosion centrifugal casting, heat resistant and special steels and alloys;
- Mechanisms for transportation of heated metal, vnutriny fans, recuperators, muffles and other products of high-temperature materials;
- Steel castings, heat resistant. Furnace equipment and industrial equipment for heat treatment: heat exchangers, trays, grids, baskets, supports, fittings, impellers, radiant tubes, retorts, rolls, etc for all types of furnaces.

- Carbon and graphite structural materials and shaped products with special properties, the carbon-carbonic materials, pyrolytic graphite, products of ATM (anti-Corrosion gravitophotons heat-conducting Material). Isostatic graphite.
Articles of graphite, carbon felt and carbon-carbon composites for high temperature equipment;
- Ceramic articles of silicon carbide: refractory equipment and spare Castel pumping equipment
- Design and manufacture of thermal units (heaters, current leads, power structures);

- Refractories and lining of thermal units. Thermal insulation (including asbestos-free) and fire protection;
- Multi-layered tissue and spatial-reinforcing woven products from silica, quartz, alkali-free glass and synthetic and carbon filaments, and combinations thereof;
- Special coatings and adhesives for high-temperature industrial processes;
- Lubricants and technical liquids (PCM and GEOPOL). Technology for cleaning and temperature control of industrial fluids. Cooling system;
- Quenching liquids, lubricant-cooling technological means

- Commissioning a professional installation, maintenance, and repairs furnaces and heating equipment.

In 2016 10th International Conference «Innovative technologies in heat treatment» for the 3rd time took place over two days and attracted a wide audience of specialists, that speaks about it’s high demand both among the participating companies, and among visitors. Listeners were presented the following reports:

Program (September 13 - the 1st day of the Exhibition):

• The new vacuum quenching technology in electric    NITTIN, furnaces by trademark NITTIN, Shulaev Valery, expert adviser

• An integrated approach to technical modernization and reconstruction of thermal manufacturing    Technical centre, Finval-Engineering, Dryablov V. V., Director

• NTC "Bakor", Sherbikov Yuri Andreevich, Department of refractories

Board meeting of Russian Society of Metal Science and Heat Treatment, Chairman of the board Professor, Tikhonov A.K., AvtoVAZ

Program (September 14 - the 2nd day of the Exhibition):

• Cooperation in heat treatment of parts. Advantages and falls, JSC TermoMet, Alexandr Semisynov, CEO

• A contact thermometry and OWEN's thermoconverters, OWEN Company, Chernova Zoya Aleksandrovna, Head of the sensors assortment direction

• Thermodat. Industrial solutions, Control System, Anton Kushnaryov V. - sales Director

• Surface engineering of parts by the methods of chemical-heat treatment, JSC "TSNIITMASH", Tsikh Sergey G.,Head of laboratory chemical-heat treatment

• SECO/WARWICK's experience on the Russian Market. Service program for our customers, SECO/WARWICK Group

• Modern facilities for heat treatment of aluminum and its alloys, Group of companies "Finval", Tymoshenko Vitaliy Viktorovich, Head of Department of thermal equipment

• Schmetz GmnH (Germany), Dappa Andreas, Project engineer

• Technical and economic advantages of using vacuum heat treatment of parts, Fours Industriels BMI (France), TERMOMET (Novosibirsk, Russia), Aleksandr Semisynov, Head of TermoMet

• ALD Vacuum technologies, Alexander Sukhanov, Deputy Chief Representative, Moscow Office

• Economically effective vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces, heat-treatment production lines, S-instruments, Viktor Sokolov, sales manager

• SECO/WARWICK solutions for the defense industry, SECO/WARWICK Group

According to the service of the guest exhibitions of Expocentre Fairgrounds for the whole exhibition period it was visited by 2780 of unique specialists.

Managers and specialists of leading industrial enterprises of the metallurgical, aviation, engineering, defense industries, and other industrial enterprises, research and educational institutions in particular, among them representatives of such organizations as:

JSC "NPTS in gas turbine construction "Salut", NPTS SCREEN, OOO GK ARMA", FSUE "CRISM "Prometey", JSC "NPP "Geofizika-Cosmos", KBTM (Manufacturing defence industry), FSUE VEI, JSC RPZ. FGUP "NPO "Tekhnomash", JSC "research Institute "Polyus" them. M. F. Stelmakh, CB "Tochmash", Head branch of "NPO "Vint", JSC "cs "Zvezdochka", JSC "OK-Loza" JSC, "Technoceramica", JSC Central design Bureau tank construction JSC, "Tsentromashproekt" OOO "MTM", JSC "plant "Mars", JSC "Saturn – Tool Plant" (JSC "Satiz"), Glatt, JSC Company "TUNGSTEN", JSC "the Second Moscow instrument-making plant", JSC "Plant "FIOLENT", OOO TULACHERMET-STEEL" LTD Corporation "the Alloy"-LTD. OOO "PROFESSIONAL" of operations of JSC Transneft Volga region, JSC NPP TECHCETERA, JSC Oktava, OOO "Plant "Dynamo", "Gazpromexport center", NGO "STOIC". ZAO PKF Sauter, JSC "machine-building plant", LLC "Aerometall", Hangar, JSC "MZIK", JSC "machine-building plant imeni M. I. Kalinina, g. Ekaterinburg", LLC"IC "ARSENAL", JSC "VNIINEFTEMASH", "Novomoskovskaya", JSC NPP ISTOK they AI", THE JSC "development Corporation of Ulyanovsk region", CMES-SERVIS, OAO Transmash, SSC FSUE "Keldysh research Center", ROSMEDPROM, ZAO PKF Promkhim-Sphere", FGUP "VIAM", JSC "Ramensky Instrument engineering Plant", OJSC "Fomos-Materials", JSC "Tulatochmash, PDA NISMA, OOO KRIOTEK, Technopark "Impulse" PTO "Wave", physics and energy Institute named after A. I. Leipunsky, NGOs, energy system, OJSC NIAT, JSC Transmashholding, JSC SOATE, OKB "Novator", JSC "Corporation VSMPO-AVISMA", JSC NPO "ntes", JSC "MSZ", NPP Tekhsistema", JSC "TYAZHMASH", LTD Energol, NPO Energomash, JSC "Satiz", FGUP "NII NPO "LUCH", FSUE TsNIGRI, PC Fighter, JSC Aviabor, operations, Transneft Volga region", Bulletstar, JSC "Corporation "Tactical missiles", JSC Kostroma plant of automotive components and many others.

Exhibitor`s 2016 video interview:


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The 11th international specialized exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2017" will take place on Sepember 18 - 20 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds, Hall 1, Рavilion 7.

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17th International Specialized Exhibition "Heat Treatment - 2024", September 17 - 19, 2024, Hall 1, Pavilion 7, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

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